About Us

Tejaswini was born out of nostalgia and sheer love for the magic of different weaves and handcrafted Sarees. All those cheerful and carefree afternoons of playing  around and draping Sarees of the luxurious Banarasis, Kosas and Linens were forgotten in the daily hustle bustle and responsibilities of lives till we relocated our parents from the ancestral house to be with us. All those sultry lazy afternoons came back to life when we opened our mother’s trunks of sarees. What caught our attention was the feel of those luxurious fabrics and the realisation of the fake cheap fabrics in our wardrobes was like a slap to us!

We realised the importance of the real weave and fabric. While the new fancy stuff is appealing for few days but the real treasure lies in the Pure Handlooms and Handcrafted Fabrics which never is out of fashion and can be passed generation to generation. So as said earlier, Tejaswini is born out of sheer love for Handlooms and real Luxurious Fabric. While playing around in yards and yards of the luxurious fabrics in our childhood, we didn’t realize that someday these fabric and weaves will be our passion and our lives will be driven by them.

Like every journey, Tejaswini’s journey was also full of ups and downs and full of obstacle and surprises at every turn but this did not dampen the team’s enthusiasm and was taken as a learning point to renew the vigour.

At Tejaswini, we celebrate the richness of our Culture, our Tradition and the Skills of our Artisans. Out of this love we bring an array of Handwoven and Handcrafted Sarees and other Handcrafted Products. Every product is made by hand in some way or another with love and proud. Every product of Tejaswini has its special journey as it takes weeks of dedicated hard work and immense craftmanship to arrive at the final product which always is a celebration!

Our only mission is to make these handloom and handcrafted products part of your daily life while helping our Artisans, who work very hard, to achieve their dreams bit by bit.